A new development of neutron scattering, based on the neutron spin echo method, broadens considerably the range of measurements of in-plane structures of thin films. This workshop is designed to explore topics that might be studied by the new method including:

  • the structure of lipid membranes and other thin macromolecular films
    • effects of chemical, physical and charge patterning of substrates on the structure of thin films
    • membrane crumpling
    • rafts and other macromolecular objects in membranes
    • microstructure of block copolymer films
  • techniques for probing the in-plane structure of thin films
    • neutron and x-ray scattering
    • TEM and STM

Each plenary lecture (45 minutes) will be followed by an extended discussion that will include short (15 minute) invited contributions as well as remarks by participants.

This conference is sponsored by Indiana University Cyclotron Facility and the Department of Energy.

Indiana University Cyclotron FacilityDepartment of Energy

Organizing Committee
  • Gian Felcher – Chair
    Argonne National Laboratory
  • Roger Pynn
    Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Paul E. Sokol
    Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
  • Michael Snow
    Indiana University Cyclotron Facility