Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter

   a research center of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at IU Bloomington

Neutron Physics

Low Energy Neutron Source (LENS)

A novel, university-based pulsed neutron source for materials research, development of innovations in neutron science, and education
Principal Investigator: David Baxter

Neutron Moderator Development

The unique nature of the LENS source is being exploited to develop new moderator concepts to increase the intensity of cold and very cold neutron beams
Principal Investigator: David Baxter

Polarized Neutron Research

Neutrons from LENS are used for research involving polarized neutrons, including polarized 3He for neutron polarization, spin echo methods and the development of new devices involving neutron spin manipulation
Principal Investigator: Roger Pynn

Ultracold Neutrons

The physics of UCN production in solid oxygen involving magnon (spin wave) exchanges is fundamentally different from the well-known phonon mechanism in solid deuterium
Principal Investigator: Chen-Yu Liu

Weak Interactions with Neutrons

We measure parity violation through high-precision measurements of radiative neutron capture and neutron spin rotation
Principal Investigator: Michael Snow


This is an experiment recently deployed at NIST to measure the angular correlation coefficient between the electron and neutrino in neutron beta decay (the so-called little-a coefficient)
Principal Investigator: Edward Stephenson

Neutron Electric Dipole Moment (nEDM)

A collaboration formed to construct an experiment at the SNS to look for a finite electric dipole moment in the neutron
Principal Investigator: Josh Long

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