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LENS/Condensed Matter Physics Seminars

Fall Semester 2014

All seminars take place on Fridays at 2:00 pm in Swain West 238, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title Host
August 29
September 5
Herb Fertig,
IU Physics
"Informal Talk on the nu=0 Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene"  
September 12 Marcel Franz,
University of British Columbia
"Self-organized topological state with Majorana fermions" Babak Seradjeh
Thursday, September 18
Casey Miller,
University of South Florida
"Magnetocaloric Effect in Thin Films and Heterostructures" Her Fertig
September 26
October 3 Gerardo Ortiz,
IU Physics
"Many-body characterization of topological superfluids"  
October 10-13 FALL BREAK    
October 17 Mark Dykman,
Michigan State University
"Quantum heating and switching via quantum activation in periodically driven systems" Herb Fertig
October 24 Anatoli Polkovnikov,
Boston University
"Emergent non-adiabatic dynamics and geometric response in interacting systems" Gerardo Ortiz
October 31 Rashid Williams-Garcia,
IU Physics
"Phase Transitions in the Brain" Gerardo Ortiz
November 7 Haidong Zhou,
University of Tennessee
"Perturbation effects on magnetic ground states in Yb-pyrochlores" Shixiong Zhang
November 12
Arijit Kundu,
IU Physics
"Topology and Transport in Periodically Driven Systems" Herb Fertig
November 21 Zhen Li,
IU Physics
"Strain Engineering of Topological Crystalline Insulator SnTe Nanowires" Shixiong Zhang
November 22-December 1 THANKSGIVING BREAK    
December 5 Mostafa Tanhayi Ahari,
IU Physics
"Dynamics of Majorana modes in topological superconductors" Herb Fertig
December 12 Hao Feng,
IU Physics
"Thermoresponsive NIPAAm coatings for surface-tunable micro-scaffolds" Roger Pynn
December 15-19 FINALS WEEK    

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