"Cooler" Storage Ring, Electron Cooling (1983-2003)

Polarized Internal Target Experiments

Polarized atomic beam targets are an excellent match for the Cooler environment. An atomic beam source (ABS), constructed at the University of Wisconsin and installed in the Cooler in 1988, provided polarized hydrogen, as well as tensor- or vector-polarized deuterium targets. Since the internal polarized target was combined with polarized beams and Siberian snakes (providing longitudinal beam polarization) unprecedented studies of the spin dependence of nuclear reaction became possible. During a 14 year period a large number of experiments were carried out by a collaboration (PINTEX) involving the U of Wisconsin, the U of Western Michigan, the U of Pittsburgh, the New Mexico State U, the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, Indiana U and IUCF.

Contact: Hans-Otto Meyer