PhD Plaque Ceremony - Sebastian Dawid

Friday, August 12, 2022

1:00 PM3:00 PM


Our celebration of Dr. Sebastian Marek Dawid's successful doctoral dissertation defense, with committee chair Dr. Adam Szczepaniak.

Dissertation Title: Three-body scattering in the B-matrix formalism

Abstract: We describe recent developments in a theory of three-particle scattering processes using the so-called ``B-matrix formalism". It is based on the principle of unitarity of the scattering operator and allows for the determination of spectra of strongly interacting, three-body resonances. First, we present a proof of equivalence of the formalism and a three-body approach based on an effective field theory. Then we talk about generalization to the coupled two-body channels and analyze the analytic structure of the resulting amplitudes. Next, we present a numerical solution of the relativistic three-body equations in the ladder approximation in the physical energy region. Finally, we describe a method for the analytic continuation of the three-body amplitudes from the physical to complex energies.

Please view the slideshow for more images of the ceremony

Sebastian affixing plaque to the wall
Sebastian and supervisor, Dr. Szczepaniak, after a successful plaque installation!
Sebastian's congratulatory cake
Sebastian cutting the cake
Sebastian with his plaque