NCNR User Group

The NCNR User Group provides input to management regarding user concerns, provides a forum for keeping the community informed about issues impacting users at the NCNR, and serves as an advocacy group for neutron scattering science. Membership in the NCNR User Group is open to all users and potential users of the various neutron facilities at the NCNR and to scientists and engineers engaged in operation and development of these facilities.

Executive Committee

The NCNR User Group Excutive Committee teleconferences on a regular basis, usually monthly, and NCNR users are strongly encouraged to contact members of the committee with comments, questions, or suggestions related to their experience at the NCNR. The committee will discuss user input at its regular meetings and engage in a dialog with NCNR management to address user concerns. In the end, the committee can only represent you to the extent that you communicate with us.

The members of the Committee are:

Carlos Lopez-Barron Carlos Lopez-Barron, Chair
ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Research Interests:
Polymers rheology, crystallization and self-assembly

Brian Habersberger Brian Habersberger
The Dow Chemical Company
University of Delaware

(423) 991-3969

Research Interests:
Isotopic exchange chemistry, SANS on disperse polymer systems

Michael Hore Michael Hore
Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests:
theory, computer simulation, and experiments to study polymers, thermoresponsive materials and nanoparticle transport

Dmitry Reznik Dmitry Reznik
Department of Physics
University of Colorado-Boulder

(303) 492-6952

Research Interests:
Quantum materials, neutron and x-ray scattering, lattice dynamics, helical magnets

Samantha Rinehart Samantha Rinehart
Department of Chemistry
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

(713) 743-2748

Research Interests:
polymer blends, polymer nanocomposites, and interactions and structure at polymeric interfaces.

Claire White Claire White, Vice-Chair
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
Princeton University

Research Interests:
Amorphous inorganic materials, in situ measurements, water dynamics, porous materials

Stephen Wilson Stephen Wilson
Materials Department
University of California, Santa Barbara

Research Interests:
Phase behaviors in quantum materials, new states in spin orbit coupled matter, and harnessing many-body electronic states in functional materials.

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

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