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The NCNR User Group provides input to management regarding user concerns, provides a forum for keeping the community informed about issues impacting users at the NCNR, and serves as an advocacy group for neutron scattering science. Membership in the NCNR User Group is open to all users and potential users of the various neutron facilities at the NCNR and to scientists and engineers engaged in operation and development of these facilities.

News from the NUG Executive Committee

  • Results from 2015 NCNR User Survey
  • The NUG Executive Committee would like to thank the approximately 450 people who took the time to respond to the 2015 NCNR User Survey.  A summary of the responses which compares the answers to previous surveys can be found here: NCNR_user_survey_results_2015.pdf. The Executive Committee has reviewed the survey responses with the NCNR.  Based on the user responses and comments, the NCNR has developed a specific list of action items addressing issues raised in the survey in the work plan for further upgrades and development of its capabilities, which are presented here: NUG_2015_NCNR_User_Survey.


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