Claudia Pantelei

Claudia Pantelei Education
Post-doctoral Fellow
M.Sc. Universita' degli studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", 2004
Ph.D. Universita' degli studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", 2008

Contact Informaton
Former Post-doctoral Fellow

Project: Quantum Fluids In Confined Systems

I was involved in the study of liquid systems in nanoporous media by means of neutron scattering techniques.

In particular I was interested in studying liquid helium that, due to its light mass, occupies a special role in condensed matter. In fact, condensed 4He, 3He and helium isotopic mixtures represent the simplest prototype examples of many-body systems, i.e. interacting bosons and fermions with the same inter-particle interactions.

In addition I was interested in investigating the behavior of helium mixtures when confined in nanoporous matrices, where static and dynamical microscopic properties of fluids adsorbed significantly differ from those in the bulk phase.

I also worked on the study of hydrogen bonds in liquid water and the interaction between water and the surface of porous silica glass.

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