Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Fang Hao

Hao Feng
Hao Feng is a graduate student working with Roger Pynn. He is interested in investigating self-assembly nanomaterials in confined geometries. Meanwhile, he is also working on the development of Superconducting YBCO Wollaston Prism for Spin Encoding on SESAME (Spin Echo Small Angle Measurement).

Enzhi Xu

Jiazhou Shen
Jiazhou Shen is a graduate student working with Mike Snow and Roger Pynn. He is utilizing superconducting Wollaston prisms and perfect crystal dynamical diffraction to explore quantum contextuality problems.

Enzhi Xu

Alex Todd
Alex Todd is an undergraduate student working with Dave Baxter. He is investigating methods to improve the overall effectiveness of neutron moderation within scattering systems.

Past Graduate Students

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