LENS Construction History 2006

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March 2006
First Emission time distribution measurement from the LENS moderator. MCNP simulation of the emission time distribution is shown as the blue line, the data points (for a 150 μsec proton pulse width) are shown in black. The long-time decay constant is set by the absorption characteristics of the LENS water reflector.

December 2006
Klystron RF power systems connected to the LENS accelerator for the first time. This is the first step in a major power upgrade that will take approximately 18 months to complete. It allowed peak currents up to 25mA (increased from 10mA), beam powers up to 1 kW (up from 150 W), and pulse rise-times as short a two microseconds.

December 2006
First klystron-powered proton beam delivered to a fluorescent screen.