LENS Construction History 2007

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January 2007
The Chemistry lab includes generous counter space, and standard instrument such as balances, pH meters, glassware etc.

February 2007
Reconfiguration of the first TMR vault for radiation effects research. Decommissioning of the prototype SANS and radiography instruments. The tape on the floor shows the future location of the main wall of the second TMR vault.

April 2007
Installation of main wall for second TMR vault. The vault will be finished with standard wall blocks, but this section is pour to eliminate any seams near the four penetrations for neutron instruments.

April 2007
Completion of the main wall for the second TMR vault. Penetrations for the four instrument beam lines are visible.

October 2010
Installed DUT holder (version 1) for neutron radiation effect users.

NREF DUT holder

May 2007
Installation of the second TMR within the new vault. Shielding is also in place around the SANS beam line, and wall penetrations for two future instruments are visible on the left.

December 2007
Four shutters installed in the new TMR vault. Shielding between the beam lines is not yet completely installed. The first two sections of the evacuated SANS beamline are visible (one on top of the (closed) shutter).

December 2007
Original accelerator was moved back approximately 2.5 m in preparation for the installation of the second Drift Tube Linac (DTL). This second DTL will raise the proton beam energy from 7 MeV to 13 MeV, thereby increasing the neutron flux per unit proton current by a factor of roughly 4.