LENS History 2008

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January 2008
Second high-voltage tank prepared for the installation of the third klystron which is needed to deliver power to the second DTL section to deliver 13 MeV protons.

January 2008
6 MeV DTL section installed in the LENS proton Beam Line. Beam (at 7MeV) was first successfully passed through this section of the accelerator on 24 January 2007. Energizing this section of the accelerator (to reach 13MeV) awaits completion of the installation of a third klystron.

February 2008
Final section of the primary flight path and the sample enclosure for the SANS instrument.

March 2008
Klystron #3 being installed with Bill Reass from LANL.

Beam Pulse

April 2008
Klystron #3 supplies power to DTL #2 giving 13 MeV protons for the first time to the beryllium target.

July 2008
Target collimator and other beam diagnostics installed.

September 2008
LENS operating from the new klystron high voltage power supply attaining 2 kilowatts on target.

November 2008
Target Failure from target cooling system contaminants.

December 2008
Klystron Capacitor bank upgrade complete. This allows longer klystron pulse width with lower voltage sag.
December 2008
0.9 millisecond proton pulse width (6 kilowatts beam power) demonstrated.

Beam at 6 kilowatts