LENS History 2013

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January 2013 – Spin precession device – Cryocup tested on SESAME

Cryocup Data: Polarization vs neutron Wavelength T.Wang assembling Cryocup device
First tests of spin manipulation device performed on the SESAME beamline. Left - Neutron polarization as a function of wavelength for a single precession device with various currents, using a 15×15mm2 beam, lines are guide to the eye. Right – LENS student T.Wang assembling the device he built prior to testing.

February 2013 –Installation of continuously pumped 3He analyser

He3 Analyzer
The installation on the LENS instrument SESAME of a continuously pumped 3He analyzer was completed. The device maintains a 3He polarization of 73% during experiments. This device will be used to provide polarization analysis for experiments using SESAME including SESANS and test of various spin manipulation devices.

November/December 2013 -Testing of new superconducting Wollaston Prism at LENS and NIST

Wollaston Prisim Wollaston Prism Flipping Efficiency Wollaston Prism in beamline Wollaston Prism Counts vs position
The LENS instrument SESAME was used to test a superconducting version of a neutron Wollaston prism (top left) showing the flipping efficiency is independent of current, except at very small currents. The device was further tested at the MAGIK instrument at NIST (bottom left). These measurements showed a well defined flipping plane with very low polarisation losses (bottom right). The details of these experiments are in F.Li et al. Rev. Sci. Inst., 85, 053303(2014).