Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Rana Ashkar Rana Ashkar
Rana Ashkar is a graduate student working on the SESAME experiment which is designed to measure correlations along surfaces and in bulks. She developed a dynamical theory calculation to explain the results of SESAME on periodic samples. One of the projects she will be conducting is using neutron scattering to test high-density packing of nanocapacitors built using lithography or self assembly of block-copolymers.
Paul Stonaha Paul Stonaha
Paul Stonaha is a 5th year graduate student in the LENS program.  He is working under Roger Pynn on developing the Spin Angle Small Angle Measurement (SESAME) device, which will be built on Neutron Beamline 4.  To this end, Paul has been participating in experiments at neutron sources at national labs over the course of his studies.
Bo Wang Bo Wang

Bo is a second-year condensed matter physics graduate student. He is working in Paul Sokol's group to study the microstructure and porosity of carbon dioxide storage materials via the LENS and SAXS facilities.
Adam Washington Adam Washington
Adam is a fourth-year graduate student who is working on various aspects of data acquisition at LENS. He has also participated in experiments at both IPNS and LANSCE to conduct experiments on a spin-manipulation device of novel design.

Past Graduate Students

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