Nicholas Remmes

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Former Graduate Student

Project: SANS on Nanoparticles

I worked with the LENS project on the construction and commissioning of the Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) instrument. While the LENS project allowed me to explore many different avenues of research, much of my work focused on reducing and analyzing our preliminary SANS data. The SANS instrument uses time-of-flight (TOF) to determine the wavelength of an incident neutron and uses a 3He position-sensitive neutron detector to determine the neutron's scattering angle. Each detected neutron is recorded in a data file along with this position and TOF information, often resulting in gigabytes of raw data. One of my roles was to compile and interpret this data which can reveal information about the nanometer-scale properties of the samples we place in the beam.Among other projects, I helped to research the properties of magnetic core nanoparticles synthesized by scientists in the IU Chemistry Department. Particles such as these have potential applications in ferrofluids, magnetic storage, drug delivery, and as contrast enhancers in MRI and other forms of imaging.

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