Past Postdoctoral Researchers

Narayan Das Narayan Das
Narayan Das worked on the structure and dynamics of material confined in mesoporous glass. In addition, he investigated the size and structure of methane (CH4) clathrate and phase behavior CH4-H2O system. 

Massimo DeLuca Massimo DeLuca: Advanced Neutron Radiography
Massimo worked on the development of a filter-difference based technique, i.e. a technique able to detect different elements within a sample by means of subtracting various transmission images of the sample obtained with different interposed filters. To test this technique, he also developed a laboratory prototype neutron radiography instrument with the Low Energy Neutron Source (LENS) that produces neutron beams of relatively low energy (around 10 MeV).

Duncan Kilburn Duncan Kilburn: Structure of Soft Condensed Matter/Nano-confined Material
Duncan used various probes of matter (X-rays, neutron, positrons) to observe the different structures of materials in nano-confinement. These probes allow us to 'see' how inter-atomic/molecular interactions are affected by increased surface and finite-number influences.
Xin Li
Xin Li worked on the project to investigate the structure and dynamics of polyelectrolyte solution, and applying spin-echo small angle neutron scattering (SESANS) technique to study the structure of colloidal suspension with polymeric additives.
Sangjin Lee Sangjin Lee
Sangjin Lee worked on advanced neutron radiography. Using a pulsed low energy neutron source (up to 13 MeV) at LENS, he developed a filter-difference based technique and several detector systems including scintillator and silicon based detectors and CCD camera.
Claudia Pantelei Claudia Pantelei: Quantum Fluids In Confined Systems
Claudia was involved in the study of liquid systems in nanoporous media by means of neutron scattering techniques.
Steven Parnell

Steven Parnell
Steven Parnell was working on the project to develop polarized neutron techniques on time of flight sources. This work involves manipulation of the neutron spin by both dc and ac magnetic fields using high temperature superconductors.

Shah R. Valloppilly Shah R. Valloppilly: SESAME and Layered Nanostructures
Shah was associated with the development of the Spin Echo Scattering Angle Measurements (SESAME) technique at LENS. The SESAME project aims testing novel methods in neutron spin echo and their implementation to SANS and Reflectometry setups for the study of lateral correlation, dynamics etc. in layered structures and liquids.

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