Yun Shin

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Former Graduate Student

Project: Development of Ultra-Cold Neutron Moderators

I was involved in two topics. One is the theoretical investigation of neutronic properties of solid methane in phase II (~ 20K) as an effective moderator material for intense cold neutron production in LENS. A cross section model of S(Q,ω) has been built for neutron scattering in phase II solid methane including the theoretical description of rotational degree of freedom. I have been in development of a simple analytical model (not MCNP) from this cross section model to visualize the neutron slowing down process and develop physical intuition. The other is related to the ultra cold neutron source. Ultra cold neutrons are neutrons with energies so low enough to be stored in material bottle. And they have been used to provide the currently most accurate experiments on the neutron life time measurement and neutron dipole moment. Various studies on the possibility of a high intensity UCN source are being made in LENS.

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