Pricing Policy

Effective January 1,2016

Scheduling beam time at LENS for Neutron Radiation Effects Testing is per minimum 12 hours.

Beam time is charged at the rate of $648.55 per hour with a 12 hour minimum ($7,782.60).

Cancelation up to two weeks prior to the run is without penalty.  After that, the fee for 12 hour minimum applies. 

If NREF cannot deliver beam due to technical problems, only the delivered number of hours will be charged for a given day.

Setup outside of the irradiation vault is at no cost.  Charges apply as long as the room is occupied when beam is available.

For Purchase Orders please contact:
Gail Morell
Finance Assistant
Indiana University
Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter
2401 Milo B. Sampson Lane
Bloomington, IN 47408-1398

PH:  812-855-6374  Fax:  812-855-6645

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