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The Neutron Radiation Effects Facility (NREF) at Indiana University is one of the target stations at the Low Energy Neutron Source (LENS). The source utilizes a low energy p-n reaction in Beryllium coupled with a high-current, variable-pulse-width proton accelerator to produce either short or long neutron pulses.
NREF has been constructed to accommodate device and board level electronics testing with quasi monochromatic high flux neutron beams (~1 MeV equivalent silicon). 
The neutron flux at the device under test (DUT) is approximately 2x1010 n/cm2/sec with 13MeV, 0.16mC proton beam accelerator and with low gamma contamination, 1x109 n/cm2/sec.
The neutron spectrum at the DUT position has been calculated using MCNPX and characterized using foil activation measurements.