CE44 etc

Neutral pion production in p+p -> p+p+pi0

Measured angular distributions for the 31 observables defined in H.O. Meyer et al., "Complete set of polarization observables in ..." Phys Rev C63, 064002-1 (2001)

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AS(th_q) AS(th_p) Azz(th_q)
Azz(th_p) Ay0(th_q,ph_q) Ay0(th_q,ph_p)
Ay0(th_q,2ph_p-ph_q) Ay0(th_q,2ph_q-ph_p) Ay0(th_p,ph_q)
Ay0(th_p,ph_p) Ay0(th_p,2ph_p-ph_q) Ay0(th_p,2ph_q-ph_p)
Axz(th_q,ph_q) Axz(th_q,ph_p) Axz(th_q,2ph_p-ph_q)
Axz(th_q,2ph_q-ph_p) Axz(th_p,ph_q) Axz(th_p,ph_p)
Axz(th_p,2ph_p-ph_q) Axz(th_p,2ph_q-ph_p) AD (th_q,ph_q)
AD (th_q,ph_p) AD (th_q,ph_p+ph_q) AD (th_p,ph_q)
AD (th_p,ph_p) Az0(th_q,Dph=pi/2) AX(th_q,Dph=pi/2)
AS (th_q,Dph) AS (th_q,2Dph) Azz(th_q,Dph)

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