Spin Correlation Coefficients in pp-->dpi+ from 350 to 400 MeV

The spin correlation coefficent combinations A_xx+A_yy and A_xx-A_yy, the spin correlation coefficients A_xz and A_zz, and the analyzing power were measured for \vec p \vec p --> d pi^+ between center-of-mass angles 25 deg \leq \theta \leq 65 deg at beam energies of 350.5, 375.0 and 400.0 MeV. The experiment was carried out with a polarized internal target and a stored, polarized beam. Non-vertical beam polarization needed for the measurement of A_zz was obtained by the use of solenoidal spin rotators. Near threshold, only a few partial waves contribute, and pion s- and p-waves dominate with a possible small admixture of d-waves. Certain combinations of the observables reported here are a direct measure of these d-waves. The d-wave contributions are found to be negligible even at 400.0 MeV. B. v. Przewoski et al., Phys. Rev. C61, 064604 (2000)

350 MeV
375 MeV
400 MeV

Last modified: December 21 1999
by B. v. Przewoski