News Article - Sept 9, 2012

Gang Shen (Ph.D. 2010) to receive 2013 American Physical Society Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics

September 9, 2012


Gang Shen (Ph.D. 2010) has been selected to receive the 2013 American Physical Society Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics. Gang is recognized "for the development of a new self-consistent equation of state of hot and dense matter intended for use in numerical simulations of core-collapse supernova, neutron star mergers and related extreme astrophysical phenomena. This equation of state provides a unified description of matter at the relatively low density and temperature where nuclei are present, and the high density and temperature phase where uniform nuclear matter with neutrons, protons and electrons exists." The award is given to a recent Ph.D. in experimental or theoretical nuclear physics from a North American university within two years from graduation.

As a graduate student and doctoral candidate at CEEM, Gang worked under advisor Dr. Charles Horowitz in the Nuclear Theory group. His doctoral thesis was on "Equation of State for Astrophysical Simulations."

Dr. Shen is currently a Research Associate at the Institute of Nuclear Theory at the University of Washington in Seattle.