Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Chemistry

The Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter (CEEM) was originally formed as a laboratory to study nuclear forces and the nuclei of atoms using the new cyclotrons constructed under funding from the National Science Foundation. Nuclei are the massive tiny core of atoms that give them their identity as specific isotopes of a given element. They are made up of protons, the number of which determine the element, and neutrons, the number of which determine the isotope. The goal of understanding the structure of nuclei has led to the exploration of the fundamental forces, the strong force and the weak force, and their symmetries, which are important at the nuclear level; the underlying quark and gluonic structure of the protons and neutrons; and nuclei under extreme conditions. CEEM continues as a base for these exciting research endeavors and the equipment development necessary to carry them out.

Many Body Nuclear Dynamics

The dynamics of heavy-ion reactions 

Principal Investigator: Romualdo De Souza

Solenoidal Tracker At RHIC (STAR)

Exploring the origins of the spin of the proton and the nature of quark-gluon matter 

Principal Investigators: William Jacobs and Scott Wissink

Belle and Belle II Experiments at KEK

Studying the spin dependent fragmentation of quarks into hadrons 

Principal Investigators: William Jacobs