Materials Research

Materials Research & Condensed Matter

Materials Research at IU Physics

The IU Physics department conducts research in a wide range of problems in both experimental and theoretical materials research.

Faculty: David Baxter, John Carini, Bogdan Dragnea, Herb Fertig, Srinivasan Iyengar, Larry Kesmodel, Gerardo Ortiz, Roger Pynn, Paul Sokol.

Low Energy Neutron Source (LENS)

A novel, university-based pulsed neutron source neutron source for materials research, development of innovations in neutron science, and education.

Principal Investigator: Mike Snow

Neutron Moderator Development

The unique nature of the LENS source is being exploited to develop new moderator concepts to increase the intensity of cold and very cold neutron beams

Principal Investigator: David Baxter

Polarized Neutron Research

Neutrons from LENS are used for research involving polarized neutrons, including polarized 3He for neutron polarization, spin echo methods and the development of new devices involving neutron spin manipulation

Principal Investigator: Roger Pynn