CEEM's Mission

The Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter (CEEM) is a multidisciplinary laboratory performing research and development in the areas of nuclear physics and chemistry, and materials research. The common thread linking these diverse activities is the use of particle accelerators to enable new science and technology.

The mission of CEEM mirrors that of the university: research, education and service. These three roles - creating new knowledge, disseminating that knowledge both to students and to the general public, and providing a service to society - are of equal importance. CEEM, embedded in Indiana University as it is, exemplifies each of these roles. CEEM accomplishes its mission by:

Knowledge Creation

  • Developing fundamental and applied research programs led by CEEM staff and scientists including:
    • Nuclear physics research using major national facilities
    • Materials research using both local and national facilities
    • Accelerator physics for a variety of applications
  • Developing new accelerator and detector technologies based on expertise developed at CEEM
  • Supporting the research programs of the university by providing support and expertise
    • Participating in interdisciplinary research activities
    • Supporting shared resources integral to the university's research efforts
    • Participating in other universities' research activities

Educational Activities

  • Providing educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students
  • Supporting the distribution of knowledge through workshops and conferences
  • Educating the general public on the benefits of scientific research in general, and the role of CEEM in particular, through tours of the facility and other outreach activities.


  • Serving the university by supporting shared facilities such as LENS
  • Serving the state of Indiana by encouraging continued economic development
  • Serving the nation through the development of a skilled work force