Symmetries and Fundamental Interactions

Symmetries and Fundamental Interactions

Neutrino Physics

Studying the masses and properties of these nearly-massless, weakly-interacting particles

Principal Investigator: Rex Tayloe

Weak Interactions with Neutrons

We measure parity violation through high-precision measurements of radiative neutron capture and neutron spin rotation.

Principal Investigator: Michael Snow

Measuring the neutron lifetime using Ultracold Neutrons

The physics of UCN production in solid oxygen involving magnon (spin wave) exchanges is fundamentally different from the well-known phonon mechanism in solid deuterium

Principal Investigator: Chen-Yu Liu

Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) Searches

This class of experiments searches using a variety of techniques for the spontaneous separation of positive and negative charges along the spin direction of a sub-atomic particle. A discovery of an EDM could lead to an explanation of the surplus of matter left over following the Big Bang. All such searches look for the effects of a strong, external electric field on the system.

Search for a Neutron EDM

Trapping ultra-cold neutrons in a liquid helium bath to measure their precession. A collaboration (nEDM) was formed to construct an experiment at the SNS to look for a finite electric dipole moment of the neutron.

Principal Investigators: Josh LongChen-Yu Liu, Mike Snow and Hans-Otto Meyer

Search for an Electron EDM

Measuring the induced magnetic field of electron in a garnet crystal

Principal Investigator: Chen-Yu Liu

Search for a Nuclear EDM with Storage Rings

Looking for spin direction shifts as particles revolve around a beam storage ring

Principal Investigator: Edward Stephenson