News Article - June 15, 2020

Work by Prof. Mike Snow and collaboration group on search for exotic spin-dependent couplings of the neutron published in Physical Review D

June 15, 2020

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A collaboration between Prof. Mike Snow's group and teams from the US, Netherlands, Austria and the UK Neutron Source, ISIS, have had their recent work published in Physical Review D, and featured as a scientific highlight by the UK facility. 

In this work they utilized the spin-echo SANS mode of the Offspec instrument to search for spin dependent effects on gravity. The instrument is similar to the SESAME instrument at LENS in CEEM. However it has a unique ability to rotate the magnetic field coils into the vertical direction and be sensitive to gravity. Read more about the collaboration group's findings here.

The collaboration team includes S. R. Parnell (former postdoc fellow at CEEM), A. A. van Well, J. Plomp, R. M. Dalgliesh, N.-J. Steinke, J. F. K. Cooper, N. Geerits, K. E. Steffen (doctoral candidate at CEEM), W. M. Snow, (CEEM faculty member) and V. O. de Haan.