Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter

   a research center of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at IU Bloomington

Nuclear Theory Center

Neutron Rich Matter

Dense neutron rich matter is central to many fundemental questions in nuclear physics and astrophysics and is being studied with an extraordinary variety of laboratory and astronomical tools. These tools include radioactive beam accelerators and electromagnetic, neutrino, and gravitational wave observatories.
Principal Investigator: Chuck Horowitz

The Lead Radius Experiment (PREX)

PREX is an experiment at Jefferson Laboratory that uses parity violating electron scattering to determine the neutron distribution in 208Pb.  This has many important implications for astrophysics, nuclear structure, and atomic parity violation experiments. 
Principal Investigator: Chuck Horowitz

The Equation of State of Dense Matter

We are performing large-scale virial and relativistic mean field calculations of the pressure of dense nuclear matter as a function of density, temperature, and composition. These results are being used in astrophysical simulations of supernovae, neutron star mergers, and black hole formation. 
Principal Investigator: Chuck Horowitz

Quark Distribution Functions

Models of quark distributions and how these depend on charge symmetry breaking.
Principal Investigator: Tim Londergan

Effective Field Theory

Quantum Field Theory to describe nuclear many-body systems
Principal Investigator: Brian Serot*

Coulomb Gauge QCD

Quantum Chromodynamics Formalism to describe hadron structure and quark confinement.
Principal Investigator: Adam Szczepaniak

Partial Wave Analysis

Analysis of scattering experiments to uncover new hadrons and their properties.
Principal Investigator: Adam Szczepaniak

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