Apply for Beamtime

Applying for LENS Beamtime

To submit an application for LENS beamtime download and complete the LENS Research Proposal Application Form. The proposal should be carefully completed and emailed to Dr. Scott Wissink.

Download the LENS Research Proposal Application Form

In case of questions and for more details, please contact Dr. Scott Wissink (email or telephone 812-855-5192).

Requests for beamtime can be submitted at any time and are reviewed continuously, in order to provide fast and flexible access to the LENS Instruments. The allocation of beamtime is arranged by a Selection Committee.

The evaluation criteria are:

  • Scientific merit
  • Technical feasibility
  • Availability of the resources required

Scientific quality and relevance of the submitted projects are the main criteria for allocating beamtime. In addition, a feasibility and safety review will be carried out by the appropriate facility staff.

An experimental report has to be completed for each experiment performed at LENS and will be collected for the Annual Report.

Applying for NREF Beamtime

To request beam time at the Neutron Radiation Effects Facility (NREF), please contact Scott Wissink at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (812) 855-5192

Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter
Multidisciplinary Engineering and Sciences Hall
2401 N Milo Sampson Lane
Bloomington, IN 47408