Canberra GC2020 Germanium Detector for Gamma detection
Fast neutron flux vs. position from the target (with no moderator) based on Sulfur and Iron activation measurements. The measurements are mutually consistent and indicate a flux that is roughly 70% of that predicted by an MCNP model of the facility.
Neutron flux vs. position away from the target from MCNP simulations in comparison to foil activation measurements. MCNP simulations agree well with foil measurements over the range of 8 to 14 cm from the target (with the moderator in place).
Fast neutron flux simulations using MCNP compared to foil and pellet activation measurements as a function of radial distance from the center of the target (from 0 to 5 cm) at 8 and 14 cm distance from the target with no moderator in place.  At 14 cm distance the flux does not change appreciably over this range of radii, at 8 cm distance, the flux falls off by roughly 20% or less from beam center to 5 cm radius.